Much more than just a hotel, Maison Dalila is a place to be experienced from morning to night, brought to life by our warm and dynamic reception team and by our travelers who are always eager to share their experiences.

From breakfast around the farm table, the bar where you can sip a glass of wine, to a collaborative workspace open to all... As in a family home, the living space evolves with the passing hours.

Anchored in its time, yet with an innovative spirit, Dalila takes care of its guests as well as the planet. Particular attention has been paid to the hotel's environmental impact, with priority given to local sourcing, limiting the use of plastics, making water and electricity consumption more responsible, and inviting nature into the heart of the city.




Breakfast is an important event at the Dalila Hotel.

The richly-stocked buffet is a gourmet's delight. There's plenty to choose from, both hot (homemade pancakes, eggs in all shapes and sizes, grilled bacon...) and cold pastries and delicacies, all very well sourced from responsible local producers.




In the evening, the lounge and glass roof are enveloped in a bohemian atmosphere where you can enjoy a drink, just like in a charming neighborhood bistro. With its antique Parisian bar feel and unique decor, Dalila's living space is cheerful and lively.

Comfortably seated on the banquette or around the table, let yourself relax, talk about anything and everything, laugh and enjoy the typically Parisian "douceur de vivre".




Free for guests and open to all those who order a drink, the Dalila Hotel opens the doors to a welcoming and pleasant space to work during your stay in Paris. After breakfast, the living room is transformed into a co-working space, offering a studious, bright, green and inspiring setting.

Discover also...

Spread over two 7-storey buildings, the hotel's 49 rooms have all the atypical charm of small Parisian apartments: living spaces that offer precious rest.

Hotel Dalila is located in the heart of a lively, dynamic district that changes its face over time while retaining its unique, atypical atmosphere, just a few minutes' walk from Sacré-Coeur and Pigalle.

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